Other agency reports

These reports and national plans are important to the water study project. They can be read or downloaded here.

Three Waters Review Cabinet Paper

Aug 01, 2017

The Government is reviewing how to improve the management of drinking water, storm water and waste water (three waters) to better support New Zealand’s prosperity, health, safety and environment. Three waters services are a core responsibility of local councils. 

The Thirty Year New Zealand Infrastructure Plan 2015

Aug 20, 2015

This National Thirty Year Infrastructure Plan was released by the government on August 20, 2015. It outlines the state of New Zealand's infrastructure and advises what actions are in place to address infrastructural issues, including issues around water.

WRC Outcomes of the Sub-regional Three Waters Business Case

Jul 03, 2015

This report updates elected members at Waikato Regional Council on the recommendation to form a three council CCO. The report notes that an organisation of scale dedicated to three waters management is more likely to attract and retain talented staff and says this may lead to an increase in plant performance and environmental outcomes. It notes that a CCO will protect resourcing for three waters activities as they will not be weighed against other broader council priorities. The report says "this targeting of resources may lead to improved environmental performance".

Office of the Auditor General report. Water and roads: funding and management challenges

Nov 25, 2014

The Office of the Auditor General has released a report entitled Water and roads: funding and management challenges. This examines current issues for infrastructure, asset management and associated financial strategies in local government from the OAG?s perspective.

Exploring the issues facing New Zealand's water, wastewater and stormwater sector

Oct 01, 2014

GNZ established the 3 Waters project to respond to the lack of information on the state and performance of the three waters assets and services. The first deliverable in the project was to develop a National Information Survey, which collected detailed data on the three waters assets and services from a total of 70 councils. The evidence from the survey results is used in this issues paper, together with the expertise of stakeholder workshop participants, to identify and describe the major issues facing the provision of the three waters in New Zealand. This paper presents an analysis and interpretation of the survey results. 

National Infrastructure Plan 2011

Jul 01, 2011

The National Infrastructure Plan is a strategic, future focused document that places infrastructure in the context of economic and population growth. It seeks to provide common direction for how we plan, fund, build and use all economic and social infrastructure. It covers the transport, telecommunications, energy, water and social infrastructure sectors.