Historical reports

A range of reports in relation to the ongoing waters study, or the issues surrounding water in the sub-region, have already been publicly discussed or made available. These reports can be read or downloaded here.

Water NZ - National Performance Review 2014-2015

Jun 30, 2015

Independent body Water New Zealand produced this report in 2014 to provide a comprehensive snapshot of water, wastewater and stormwater delivery throughout New Zealand. Forty-one Councils and Council-controlled Organisations participated in this review, covering more than 85 per cent of New Zealand’s population. It reports performance against international benchmarks and against the Department of Internal Affairs Non-financial Reporting Measure Rules.


Waikato Water: A Report to the Waikato Mayoral Forum on Future Delivery Options

Apr 01, 2014

This report was commissioned on behalf of the Waikato Mayoral Forum representing the 10 territorial local authorities in the Waikato Region ? Hamilton, Hauraki, Matamata Piako, Otorohanga, South Waikato,Thames Coromandel, Taupo, Waikato, Waipa and Waitomo.

It was presented to the Waikato Mayoral Forum in April 2014 and made the following recommendations:

1) That the case for a sub-regional waters CCO be accepted in principle and the proposal be subjected to detailed business case analysis before the matter is considered further.

2) That a ?Centre of Excellence? be incorporated in the sub-regional waters cco concept as a vehicle to promote regional water initiatives and to support all waikato councils. 

3 Waters Shared Services High Level Assessment

Mar 01, 2013

Hamilton City Council, Waipa District Council and Waikato District Council wished to gain a broad understanding of the benefits of establishing a Three Waters shared services arrangement to deliver on the following objectives:

  • Create economies of scale
  • Develop strategic capacity (resilience) across the water network
  • Deliver operational excellence
  • Improve service delivery
  • Provide greater environmental, community and cultural focus.

It was agreed by the Councils that to expedite this understanding, a high level assessment of the benefits and costs of joint delivery was to be completed.This report is structured to present the high level findings of this review.

Strategy And Policy Report- Managing Demand for Water- 6 December 2012

Dec 02, 2012

This report from December 2012 updated Hamilton City Council on the options and costs to install city-wide universal water meters. More information on water metering is also available on the Hamilton City Council website.

A Strategic Review of Opportunities Arising From ‘Shared Services’ Relating to the Water and Wastewater Activities of Territorial Authorities in the Waikato Region

Nov 01, 2012

This was a high level review commissioned by the Waikato Mayoral Forum to identify:

  • The  profile of water services delivered by territorial authorities in the Waikato.
  • Opportunities for joint provision of water service.
  • Potential for cost savings through the joint provision of service.
  • Barriers and challenges to the joint provision of service.

The two key conclusions of this review were:

  • There was significant opportunity for cost saving in the delivery of water/wastewater services in the Waikato.
  • It was highly desirable to improve organisational resilience in the water/wastewater activity - especially in the smaller councils.