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10 key points about proposals for a shared water management company

04 May 2017

Hamilton City Council today approved a shared service, non-asset-owning waters management company as its preferred model for collaborating with other local councils to best manage water. The decision means the Council’s Water Governance Group members are authorised to restart discussions with Waipa and Waikato Councils about a joint management approach, and after reaching mutual agreement with those councils, will jointly prepare a public consultation document for approval.

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Councillors discuss shared water company

13 April 2017

Hamilton City Council has signalled it may consider a major change to the way it manages water and wastewater services. At a public workshop today councillors indicated they may consider forming a non-asset owning shared waters management company along with Waipa and Waikato District Councils.  

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Waters Study (Water, Wastewater and Stormwater - sub-regional)

Published: May, 2017

This report seeks approval of a Shared Waters Management Company (non-asset owning CCO) as the preferred model for Hamilton City Council to jointly manage water, wastewater and storm water. It contains a number of attachments providing more detail.

Download: Waters Study (Water, Wastewater and Stormwater - sub-regional) (12.8MB)

Waikato Waters Study- Consideration of Direction

Published: Dec, 2016

This report consider's Council’s position on forming an asset-owning water and wastewater CCO for Hamilton City and Waipa and Waikato District Councils, either by confirming the previous decision to adopt the Record of Agreement, or determine any additional information Council requires before making a decision. 

Download: Waikato Waters Study- Consideration of Direction (264KB)

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