‘No promises’ from Waipa

13 April 2017
Waipa District Council

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest says his council would be willing to discuss a shared waters management company with Hamilton City and Waikato District.

But Waipa would “make no promises” and ultimately would do what was in the best interests of its own ratepayers, he said.

At an informal workshop today, Hamilton City Council indicated support for a non-asset owning company with Waipa and Waikato District Councils to manage water, wastewater and storm water. The model would allow each Council to retain ownership of its water and wastewater assets and keep each council fully involved in decision-making.

The model from Hamilton City has yet to be discussed with either Waipa or Waikato. 

Mylchreest said his council wants the best possible water, wastewater and storm water services for its district. Waipa’s position on a potential water company was clear, he said.

“Before Christmas we indicated that, if something was to change, we would want a staged approach in order to manage risk.  This would see our council retain ownership of our assets until the model had at least been proven,” he said.   “That position hasn’t changed.”

Mylchreest said he would wait until HCC made a formal decision in early May before commenting on next steps.  But he noted that HCC’s position was “very close” to where Waipa had got to after considering a range of options. 

“I think all three councils want the same thing; the best possible management of water. But we need to thrash out the best way to achieve that.”


Media enquiries, contact Jeanette Tyrrell (on behalf of Council) 027 5077 599