Mayor wants more information

10 June 2015
Waipa District Council

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest wants more information about a water CCO before committing himself one way or another.

Last month Waipa District, Waikato District and Hamilton City Councils received an independent report which recommended they form a ratepayer-owned company to manage water. It would involve all three councils transferring their water assets and water-related debt to the company, but retaining ownership on behalf of ratepayers.

Doing so would mean savings to Waipa of $81 million over 28 years, the report said, plus savings for commercial customers. Councils would also save a combined $49 million from lower stormwater costs.

Mylchreest said his council would not be rushed into making a decision and had asked for more information. Specifically, he wanted to go through the estimated savings “line by line” and look at the potential impact of a CCO on the rest of the Council’s activities.

“I also want to understand how the proposed governance and decision-making arrangements might work and what that would mean for Waipa,” he said. 

Councillors had asked staff for further information and were expecting to receive it over coming weeks.

Mychreest stressed that any decision to form a CCO could not be made without a significant public consultation process.   Hamilton City and Waikato District have not come to any decision on the proposal.

For more information on the proposal, including the full independent report go to

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