Local company on meters job

04 May 2016

Cambridge-based company Waipa Civil has won the contract to install water meters onto properties with manifolds but not meters in Te Awamutu and Cambridge. 

Around 700 properties, largely in newer subdivisions, already have existing manifolds on their sections. Contractors will screw meters into manifolds on those properties through May and June as part of a project to install water meters into those parts of the Waipa district that don’t already have them.

Meters have been in place in Ohaupo (since 1991) and Pirongia (since 1997) and most rural, industrial and commercial users have had water meters for years.  

Project delivery manager Lorraine Kendrick said the remaining water meters will be installed across the district, as planned, during 2016/17. But nothing will change for most people until mid-2018 when separate water bills will be sent out.

Until then, the council would continue working with the community on ways to save water, she said.

“Water is not free. It’s expensive to treat and supply and we need to be smart with how we use it.”

Council is installing water meters to help defer the capital cost of water infrastructure.  Without meters, the council estimates it would be forced to spend an additional $8 million on treatment plant upgrades, sooner.  

Meters are budgeted to save ratepayers an extra $220,000 costs per year in operating costs.