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Water company rejected

19 December 2017

A single council-owned company to manage water, wastewater and stormwater services is off the table. At today's meeting, Waipa District Council rejected a recommendation to form a non-asset owning company alongside Hamilton City Council.

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Waipa moves to Water Alert Level 3

18 December 2017

Water use in Waipa district has hit a record high for December, prompting a move to Water Alert Level 3 - effective immediately. Last week, Waipa residents used a record breaking 60 million litres of water over a two day period.
Water Alert Level Three means a complete ban of sprinklers for Waipa residents. Hand held hosing is still allowed. 

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Save water, Council warns

12 December 2017

Waipa District Council is warning further water restrictions will be necessary if residents don’t start cutting back their water use. Despite a move to water alert level one on 1 December, water consumption has increased by 14 per cent across the district as warm weather drives up demand.

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Shared water company recommended

07 December 2017

A panel of six elected members from Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils will recommend their councils form a shared company to manage water, wastewater and stormwater services.

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Work to begin on wastewater upgrade

05 December 2017

Waipa District Council is starting work on an eight-month project to upgrade Cambridge’s wastewater infrastructure.

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Hamilton, Waikato and Waipa are now all on Water Alert Level 1

01 December 2017

The move to Water Alert Level 1 was triggered by a significant increase in water consumption across the region. Water Alert Level 1 means using a sprinkler between 6am to 8am and 6pm to 8pm or hand-held hosing at any time.

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Water company submissions close

28 November 2017

Formal feedback on a proposal to form a Shared Waters Management Company closed yesterday with 72 submissions received. Of those submissions, 35 per cent supported Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils forming a non-asset owning council-owned company to provide water, wastewater and stormwater services. Around 60 per cent opposed the proposal, citing a range of reasons. The remaining submitters did not express a preference.

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Water consultation opens

25 October 2017

Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils have launched a joint consultation process around forming a separate company to manage water, wastewater and stormwater.

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Growth driving big Waipa water spend

25 September 2017

Waipa District Council is looking down the barrel of an extra $100-plus million spend on water services over the coming decade. And while most of that money will be returned to the Council by land developers and others, there are concerns the wider infrastructure industry may not have the capacity to get the work done. 

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Waters proposal to go to community

21 September 2017

Waipa District Council will work with Hamilton City Council to seek the views of their communities on proposals for a sub-regional approach to manage water and wastewater.

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Green light for major water project

15 August 2017

Preliminary work will begin in earnest within the next month to upgrade Te Awamutu's water supply. In Te Awamutu, the Council struggles to supply enough water during summer. Water currently comes from the Mangauika Stream on Mt Pirongia and an underground bore on Frontier Road.  

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Contract awarded for major water upgrade

06 June 2017

Waipa District Council has awarded a $3.4million contract to upgrade the Cambridge water treatment plant.

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Waipa confirms water position

30 May 2017

Waipa District Council will re-enter discussions with Hamilton City Council about forming a non asset-owning company to provide day-to-day operations for water and wastewater. Council has confirmed a non-asset owning model is its preferred option for collaborating with other councils on driving water efficiencies.

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Waipa to confirm position on water company

25 May 2017

Waipa District Council will decide next week on whether forming a non-asset owning company to manage water and wastewater services is its preferred option. If so, forming a waters company is likely to be taken to the public for comment via a formal consultation process later in the year. 

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‘No promises’ from Waipa

13 April 2017

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest says his council would be willing to discuss a shared waters management company with Hamilton City and Waikato District. But Waipa would “make no promises” and ultimately would do what was in the best interests of its own ratepayers, he said.

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Growth drives major water work

06 April 2017

Work will begin next week on installing major new water infrastructure to help secure Cambridge’s water supply for decades to come.

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Mixed model for water recommended

06 December 2016

Today Waipa District Council unanimously agreed to ask Hamilton City Council and Waikato District Council to consider a staged approach to the creation of a council-controlled organisation (CCO) which would manage water and wastewater on behalf of the three councils. 

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Waipa promotes ‘mixed model’ for water

01 December 2016

Waipa councillors look less likely to support a proposal to transfer Waipa’s water and wastewater assets into a ratepayer-owned company. Instead they may try to convince Hamilton City Council and Waikato District Council to take what they say is a far more “prudent and risk-averse” approach to managing water and wastewater across the three districts.

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Council not giving up on water

29 July 2016

An underground water supply has been found at McNair Park in Te Awamutu, but not enough for the Waipa District Council to justify sinking a production bore.‚Äč

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Community to have say on CCO

05 July 2016

Waipa’s community looks set to formally have a say on whether or not three councils should form a joint company to manage water and wastewater.  

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Meter contract awarded

04 July 2016

Waipa District Council has awarded the contract to roll out water meters across those parts of the district that don’t already have them. Water meters have been at Ohaupo since 1991 and Pirongia since 1997. Most of Waipa’s rural, industrial and commercial users have also had water meters for years.  

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Waipa to discuss water proposal

30 June 2016

Waipa District Council will take its turn next week to discuss its ongoing involvement in a council-controlled organisation (CCO) to manage water infrastructure. Waipa is considering joining with Waikato District and Hamilton City Council to form a joint organisation to manage water and wastewater. 

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Local company on meters job

06 May 2016

Cambridge-based company Waipa Civil has won the contract to install water meters onto properties with manifolds but not meters in Te Awamutu and Cambridge.

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Meters coming, but no bills yet

21 April 2016

Waipa District Council will begin installing water meters in those parts of its district that do not already have them within the next couple of months. But water bills are still years away with the first new bills not rolling out until mid-2018.

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Water company ‘worth pursuing’

01 March 2016

Waipa District Council has formally agreed to consider a ratepayer-owned company to manage its water operations. But the council’s support is still subject to negotiators getting the best deal for Waipa ratepayers plus a full public consultation process.

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Search for water supply continues

03 February 2016

Drilling for a new bore has begun on Taylor’s Hill today as Waipa District Council continue the search for a new water supply for Te Awamutu. The test bore will be sunk by Council  and ground water will be pumped for the next three days. This water will then be tested to establish the amount of water available as well as the water quality.

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Tests confirm water yield

14 January 2016

Test results have confirmed that a new bore in Frontier Road will provide enough water for nearly 1200 Waipa households.
Waipa District Council sunk the bore last year as part of efforts to secure more water for Te Awamutu and surrounding areas, particularly during dry summer months when available water from the Mangauika Stream is limited. 

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Council sources new water supply

16 December 2015

Waipa District Council has taken first steps to secure a new water source for Te Awamutu. Today Council approved spending around $1 million on a new bore on council-owned land at Frontier Road. The approval is subject to final tests with results available in late December

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Water thieves warned to back off

23 November 2015

Private companies that take Waipa water without permission have been warned to stop or face possible prosecution.

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Councillors to scrutinise water issues

30 October 2015

Three Waipa District Councillors look set to join other local politicians from Hamilton and Waikato district  to work through key issues involved in forming a ratepayer-owned company to manage water operations across the region.

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Waipa wants more information on CCO

25 August 2015

Waipa District Council wants more information before it will formally consider supporting a ratepayer-owned company to manage water infrastructure.

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CCO must be in ratepayers’ interests: Mayor

20 August 2015

Waipa mayor Jim Mylchreest says his council will not form a ratepayer-owned company to manage water unless it is “absolutely and utterly” in the best interests of Waipa ratepayers.

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Mayor wants more information

10 June 2015

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest wants more information about a water CCO before committing himself one way or another.

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Mayor ‘cautious’ on water report

11 May 2015

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest has reacted cautiously to a report into how water infrastructure should best be managed in the future. The independent report says the sub-region would save $468 million over 28 years if three councils – Waipa, Hamilton City and Waikato District – formed a ratepayer owned company to manage water.

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All water restrictions lifted across Waipa

08 April 2015

The last of the water restrictions for Waipa have been lifted as from today (8 April). Restrictions were lifted across the district on 20 March except for in Te Awamutu and Pirongia. The two towns remained on Water Alert Level 3 which meant sprinklers were banned.

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Council outlines spending priorities

29 January 2015

Waipa District Council has indicated it will spend $973 million over the next 10 years to cope with current and projected growth in the district. Spending proposals for the coming decade are outlined in the Council’s draft 10-Year Plan. While some plans have already been floated in the community, the big picture will be finalised and released for public comment in March. Council’s big-ticket items for the next decade include major updgrades to the district’s water infrastructure  ($200 million), roads and footpaths ($159 million) and community services and facilities ($41 million).

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Waipa District moves to Water Alert Level 3

21 January 2015

Low water supplies in Te Awamutu and high water use in Cambridge has forced Waipa District to move to Water Alert Level 3 – effective from Thursday 22 January. The upgrade to Water Alert Level 3 means a complete ban on sprinkler use for Waipa residents. Hand-held hosing can be used at any time. 

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Waipa must use less water: council

25 November 2014

Waipa residents are being asked to reduce the amount of water they use per person. If they don’t, the council will be forced to spend millions more on infrastructure to provide the amount of water people in some parts of the district are currently using. Waipa District Council has released details and costs for two options being considered to help solve the district’s water challenges and cater for predicted growth. But irrespective of which option is chosen, council engineers say driving down water use in the district is a must.

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Waipa faces millions in water spend

25 November 2014

Waipa District Council has released broad costs on two options being considered to resolve and future-proof the district’s water supply. The council has previously warned that water will drive big costs over the next 10 years as the district struggles to keep up with growth as well as replace ageing infrastructure. Council must also meet increasing environmental and public health standards. 

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Council agrees to part-fund water study

28 October 2014

Waipa District Council has agreed to spend $162,500 as its share of a joint study into how water, waste water and stormwater services might best be delivered in the future. But the study will not go ahead until both Waikato District Council and Hamilton City Council have also agreed to fund their share. Waikato District Council will meet today (October 28) and Hamilton City Council will meet on Thursday (October 30) to discuss the proposal.

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Waipa's population up, down and ageing

18 September 2014

Waipa’s population will grow by 10,000 people to reach 56,400 in 2041 but will then drop to 51,800 by 2063 according to growth predictions released by the Waipa District Council. Cambridge and surrounding areas will be home to 25,000 people by 2040 – up from 17,300 today. Te Awamutu-Kihikihi will reach around 17,600 by 2040 before numbers also start to decline.  Waipa District Council strategy manager Gary Knighton said, “we need to think about what this means in terms of what we spend on infrastructure – including on water – and in what timeframe.”

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Waipa takes step towards water study

01 July 2014

Waipa District Council has agreed to consider a major study into how the district’s water infrastructure might best be managed in the future. Any study will examine a range of options including establishing a jointly-owned Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) with Hamilton City and Waikato District Councils. While Hamilton city has already agreed to co-fund the study, Waikato District Council has yet to formally consider the issue.

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Council cautious on water

27 June 2014

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest says his council is likely to take a very cautious approach towards considering forming a jointly-owned public company to manage water. On Tuesday, the council will consider a series of staff recommendations around water and waste water services. Those recommendations include joining Hamilton city and Waikato district in funding a study into a council controlled organisation (CCO) to manage water infrastructure. 

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