50% subsidy available for Pokeno wastewater system

19 December 2014
Waikato District Council

Pokeno residents connecting their properties to the new wastewater system will receive a 50% subsidy from Council.

Strategy and Support General Manager, Tony Whittaker says initial discussions with residents indicated they were interested in connecting to the new system but not one lump sum payment for the connection.

He says Council has considered those concerns and agreed to provide payment options.

“A reticulated wastewater network is required to service the existing Pokeno village and future development so we’re keen for residential properties to connect sooner rather than later.

“We’ll offer payment options in one lump sum or over ten years, whichever suits the customer. The final payment figures would also include a 50% subsidy towards the property connection.”

“Phase one of the wastewater system, the commercial sector, is complete and we’re now ready to continue discussions regarding phase two for residential properties. Further details of the payment options and subsidy will be shared with residents in the New Year.”

More information about the project is available on our website http://www.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/Pokeno-Wastewater-project.aspx or email Pokeno.scheme@waidc.govt.nz.