New pumps improve western water supply

30 July 2017
Hamilton City Council

More than 2000 homes in the Dinsdale and Nawton area of Hamilton will have more consistent water pressure by the end of July.

Three new pumps are replacing the existing two pumps at the Dinsdale Reservoir, providing more resilience for the city’s water network and better water pressure, particularly around Baverstock Rd and Ruske Pl.

City Waters Unit Manager Maire Porter says the $500,000 investment in the city’s network will be welcomed by residents.

“This zone has historically had lower water pressure than most of the city at some times of the day and this work will increase the current pressure in some areas while improving levels of service generally across the zone,” Mrs Porter says.

“The additional pump will also mean we have a back-up for any unexpected issues in the future.

“As we change the pumps we will supply this area directly from the city’s water treatment plant. When we reconnect the Dinsdale reservoir to the network there will inevitably be some air in the system which may result in inconsistent water pressure, sputtering taps and cloudy-looking water between around 6 July and 12 July, although this will not affect water quality.

“Our teams will be taking steps to minimise any disruption for residents, and all works are expected to be completed by 19 July. To report any water issues contact our 24/7 customer service line on 838 6699,” Mrs Porter says.