Hamilton City Council continues to investigate options for managing water

13 December 2016
Hamilton City Council

Today, Hamilton City Council unanimously agreed to continue investigating options for a new way of managing water.

The Council requested further information and advice on an enhanced shared service model and a Council Controlled Organisation that is both asset owning and non-asset owning (transitioning to asset owning).

They also asked the CE, Richard Briggs, to convene the Waters Governance Group to progress the project in conjunction with Waipa and Waikato District Councils, identifying practical options for working together.

An outcome from the meeting was also for a consultation document to be prepared by 30 June 2017, in conjunction with the Waters Governance Group, that would be available through a public consultation for community feedback on the options for managing water.

Mayor Andrew King thinks seeking more information on the options is a pragmatic approach for the city.

“I am happy to consider options to move forward – but move forward we must. By requesting further information on all the options, we can make sure we are making the right decision for Hamilton and the wider region”. 

For more information about the project go to www.waterstudywaikato.org.nz