Hamilton can rest assured over water safety

07 December 2017
Hamilton City Council

Hamilton residents can rest assured over the safety of their drinking water.

That’s the message from Hamilton City Council General Manager Infrastructure Chris Allen, who says the city’s water has maintained one of the highest grades since the Ministry of Health’s grading system was introduced around 50 years ago.

“There’s been a lot of media interest in water supply and quality throughout New Zealand but Hamilton can rest assured.

“We have an Aa rating for Hamilton and Temple View’s water supply, which means each aspect of our water supply is assessed and rated. This grading looks at our water source, treatment processes and the quality and management of our network. An Aa grading is among the best in the country,” Mr Allen says.

“The quality of the water we supply to our residents is of the utmost importance to us and there are rigorous standards and requirements we are expected to meet. Hamilton’s supply complies with the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand, meets our obligations under the Health Drinking Water Amendment Act and we have an approved Water Safety Plan that has been audited by the Waikato District Health Board.”

Hamilton City Council’s water treatment plant produces high quality water that is treated beyond the requirements of the Ministry of Health. It uses a multi-barrier system to ensure any potential contaminants not removed through one process are picked up by another.

“Automatic systems and our highly-trained staff monitor the treatment process continually and there are a number of back-up systems and extensive contingency plans,” Mr Allen says.

The Council checks water safety through daily monitoring, while cleaning, maintenance and renewal programmes ensure the city’s distribution network and reservoirs remain in good condition.  Any new works and major repairs are disinfected and tested before use.

“Water quality is a vitally important issue for any community. We are very proud of our track record and the work we do for our residents, and we welcome any opportunity to work with the Government on any future proposals to improve water quality throughout New Zealand.”