Hamilton agrees to part-fund water study

30 October 2014
Hamilton City Council

Hamilton City Council has agreed to fund its share of a joint study into how water, wastewater and stormwater services might best be delivered in the future.

The study is being funded by Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council. Hamilton City Council’s share of the study is $325,000.  Waipa and Waikato District Councils agreed on Tuesday (28 October) to each pay $162,500 each as their share, bringing the total cost to $650,000.

The study, to be completed in mid-2015, will be undertaken by an independent advisory firm and will examine a range of options to look at improving the delivery and management of water services. 

It will investigate three options; boosting the existing shared service arrangements between all three councils, retaining the status quo with each council running its own operations, or considering a ratepayer-owned and council-controlled water management company (CCO). 

Councillor Rob Pascoe and Councillor Gary Mallett are Hamilton City Council’s representatives on a governance group of elected officials overviewing the study.  The governance group contains representatives from all three councils.

The motion to part-fund the study was passed 9-2 with Councillors Ewan Wilson and Martin Gallagher voting against.


For more information contact: 
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