Draft 10-Year Plan budget released for discussion by Council

05 December 2014
Hamilton City Council


​Hamilton City Council today released its draft 10-Year Plan budget in the Council agenda.

The draft budget for the 10 Year Plan will be discussed at a Council meeting on 9 and 10 December. The Council will have the opportunity to consider a number of proposals for inclusion in the budget.

Mayor Julie Hardaker says the hard work done three years ago has put the Council in a better position than expected as it now considers this new budget.

“This draft budget represents business as usual and continues the prudent financial management put in place three years ago. It also signals to the community that the council is committed to reinvesting in the things that matter to Hamiltonians to support a city growing fast. Hamilton is one of the fastest growing places in New Zealand and this is reflected in the equivalent of 26 families a week moving to the city. The challenge is to fund the infrastructure needed to meet that growth.”

Chief Executive, Richard Briggs, says that “most of the proposals in the budget are about funding for our core infrastructure; our water, waste water, storm water and roads.The budget is based on the continuation of the Council’s financial strategy outlined in the 2012-22 10-Year Plan, except for small variations to the debt limits for 2017-2020 to enable essential investment into capital expenditure for infrastructure”.

Following discussion by Council at the 9 and 10 of December Council meeting, the draft budget will come back to the Council in February for sign off, before being publicly consulted in April 2015.

For more details on the draft budget, please see hamilton.govt.nz/agendas


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Senior Communication Advisor
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