Councillors discuss shared water company

13 April 2017
Hamilton City Council

Hamilton City Council has signalled it may consider a major change to the way it manages water and wastewater services. 

At a public workshop today councillors indicated they may consider forming a non-asset owning shared waters management company along with Waipa and Waikato District Councils.  The proposal has yet to be formally agreed by HCC or discussed with the other two councils.

Mayor Andrew King said by law the city must provide water, wastewater and storm water services in the most efficient and cost-effective way. He said there were real advantages to be gained by working more closely with neighbouring councils.

“We have made no formal decision but the workshop today did indicate some support for the concept of a shared waters management company to manage water, wastewater and storm water on behalf of all three councils,” he said.

“It would allow each council to keep control of its own assets and keep each council fully involved in decision-making.  My personal view is that a shared waters company has the potential to provide big financial and non-financial benefit without a lot of risk.”

Mayor King said the city’s position on water meters had not changed.

“Residential water meters are off the table.”

Should elected members formally decide to support a shared waters company in early May, Hamilton would look to re-open discussions with Waikato and Waipa District Councils soon after. 

“Each Council will ultimately do what’s in the best interests of its own ratepayers.  In the meantime, it’s business as usual. No decisions have been made.”
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