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Waipa decision a lost opportunity

27 March 2018

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King says this morning’s Waipa District Council decision not to proceed with a shared approach to waters management is a lost opportunity for the region. 

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Hamilton says yes to shared waters management company

12 December 2017

Hamilton City Council has agreed to form a shared company with Waipa District Council to jointly manage water, wastewater and stormwater services. Waipa District Council has not yet agreed to the proposal and will not make a formal decision until 19 December.

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Water Alert Level 2

07 December 2017

​​​Warm weather and increasing water demand has today prompted Hamilton City Council to further conserve water by moving to Alert Level 2. The change to Alert Level 2 means sprinklers and watering systems can now only be used on alternate days, i.e. even street numbers on even days and odd street numbers on odd days, between 6am and 8am, and 6pm and 8pm. 

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Hamilton can rest assured over water safety

07 December 2017

Hamilton residents can rest assured over the safety of their drinking water. That’s the message from Hamilton City Council General Manager Infrastructure Chris Allen, who says the city’s water has maintained one of the highest grades since the Ministry of Health’s grading system was introduced around 50 years ago.

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Shared water company recommended

07 December 2017

A panel of six elected members from Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils will recommend their councils form a shared company to manage water, wastewater and stormwater services.

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Hamilton, Waikato and Waipa are now all on Water Alert Level 1

01 December 2017

The move to Water Alert Level 1 was triggered by a significant increase in water consumption across the region. Water Alert Level 1 means using a sprinkler between 6am to 8am and 6pm to 8pm or hand-held hosing at any time.

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Water consultation opens

25 October 2017

Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils have launched a joint consultation process around forming a separate company to manage water, wastewater and stormwater.

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Water proposal to be put to the community

21 September 2017

Hamilton City Council will work with Waipa District Council to seek the views of their respective communities on proposals for a sub-regional approach to manage water and wastewater.

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New Rototuna Reservoir more than just an asset for Hamilton's north

11 September 2017

Mayor Andrew King has ceremonially turned on the pumps for Hamilton’s newest strategic asset – the $21.5M Rototuna Reservoir project.

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New pumps improve western water supply

30 July 2017

More than 2000 homes in the Dinsdale and Nawton area of Hamilton will have more consistent water pressure by the end of July.

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10 key points about proposals for a shared water management company

04 May 2017

Hamilton City Council today approved a shared service, non-asset-owning waters management company as its preferred model for collaborating with other local councils to best manage water. The decision means the Council’s Water Governance Group members are authorised to restart discussions with Waipa and Waikato Councils about a joint management approach, and after reaching mutual agreement with those councils, will jointly prepare a public consultation document for approval.

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Councillors discuss shared water company

13 April 2017

Hamilton City Council has signalled it may consider a major change to the way it manages water and wastewater services. At a public workshop today councillors indicated they may consider forming a non-asset owning shared waters management company along with Waipa and Waikato District Councils.  

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Hamilton City Council continues to investigate options for managing water

13 December 2016

Today, Hamilton City Council unanimously agreed to continue investigating options for a new way of managing water. The Council requested further information and advice on an enhanced shared service model and a Council Controlled Organisation that is both asset owning and non-asset owning (transitioning to asset owning).

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Hamilton City Council accepts CCO draft agreement

14 July 2016

Hamilton City Council has today voted to adopt a draft agreement which outlines how a water and wastewater council-controlled organisation for Hamilton City Council, Wakato District Council and Waipa District Council might be structured, should it go ahead.

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Council to discuss waters CCO on Thursday

11 July 2016

Hamilton City Council will discuss the potential formation of a Council-controlled organisation to manage water and wastewater at an extraordinary Council meeting this Thursday (July 14). The meeting is open to the public and has been added to the scheduled meeting calendar to provide time for Councillors to discuss the CCO draft agreement as well as to consider a draft submission to the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity.

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Hamilton company convicted after illegally taking water

05 July 2016

Hamilton construction company Sam Pemberton Civil Limited has been convicted and fined $1,500 plus costs for illegally taking water from a Hamilton City Council hydrant.The prosecution is the first of its kind to be brought by Hamilton City Council, and the Council’s Compliance Manager Trent Fowles says it reflects how seriously the Council takes security of the city’s water supply.

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Council backing Rotokauri growth

19 November 2015

Providing for another 20,000 residents in the northwestern fringe of Hamilton City took another step forward today as the Council’s Finance Committee approved a $7.6 million wastewater project for Rotokauri.

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Council supports motion to establish a CCO waters governance group

30 October 2015

Hamilton City Council yesterday voted at a Council meeting to establish a Waters Governance Group. This Group would work through a variety of matters to reach agreement and establish the essential elements that determine how a ratepayer-owned Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) would function if established to manage waters operations across three councils.

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Green light for crucial water project

22 October 2015

Hamilton City Council’s Finance Committee today unanimously approved awarding a $7.7 million contract for the installation of new bulk water main, a crucial part of the Rototuna Reservoir project.

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Hamilton City Council votes to support formation of waters CCO

30 July 2015

Hamilton City Council has agreed to form a ratepayer-owned council-control organisation (CCO) to manage water and wastewater. The decision is an in principle one, meaning a final decision cannot be made until the public has been fully consulted on the proposal. 

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Water network maintenance approved

23 July 2015

Hamilton City Council will spend $18.5m renewing and upgrading its stormwater, wastewater and water reticulation network over the next three years.

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Draft 10-Year Plan budget released for discussion by Council

05 December 2014

Hamilton City Council today released its draft 10-Year Plan budget in the Council agenda.The draft budget for the 10 Year Plan will be discussed at a Council meeting on 9 and 10 December. The Council will have the opportunity to consider a number of proposals for inclusion in the budget.

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Hamilton agrees to part-fund water study

30 October 2014

Hamilton City Council has agreed to fund its share of a joint study into how water, wastewater and stormwater services might best be delivered in the future. The study is being funded by Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council. Hamilton City Council’s share of the study is $325,000.  Waipa and Waikato District Councils agreed on Tuesday (28 October) to each pay $162,500 each as their share, bringing the total cost to $650,000.

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Councillors discuss water report

15 May 2014

Hamilton city councillors have discussed an independent report recommending three Waikato councils establish a jointly-owned public company to manage water infrastructure. The report was commissioned by the Waikato Mayoral Forum and was discussed at a public workshop by Hamilton city councillors today.  It recommends that Waipa District, Waikato District and Hamilton city councils undertake a detailed business case on forming a council-controlled organisation (CCO) to manage water.

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Hamilton City Council supports waters CCO business case

26 April 2014

Hamilton City Council has supported a staff recommendation to undertake a business case examination into a jointly-owned public company to manage water infrastructure. The recommendation was approved at today’s Council meeting. It follows a report to the Waikato Mayoral Forum in April that recommended Hamilton city, Waipa and Waikato district councils consider co-funding a business case to look the establishment of a joint council-controlled organisation (CCO) for water and wastewater activities.

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