Waikato water study

Hamilton City Council, Waipa District Council and Waikato District Council have been working together to find a better way of providing water, wastewater and stormwater services to their respective communities.

A number of options have been considered.

Waikato District Council is still considering what option will be best for its own community.

However, both Hamilton City and Waipa District Councils have resolved that it is now timely to consult on forming a Shared Waters Management Company with their two councils as founding shareholders. If Waikato District Council wishes to join the Shared Waters Management Company at a later date, it would be welcome to do so.

This site provides information about what is proposed as well as background information including news releases, official council reports, and independent advice received on this issue. Some questions and answers are also provided.

No decisions to form a Shared Waters Management Company have been made by Hamilton City Council or Waipa District Council. Final decisions will not be made until both Councils have considered community feedback. To have your say, click here We need your feedback by 10am, Monday November 27.


Those decisions will be made independently, by each council, on behalf of their respective communities. 

Waikato District Council will make a decision about its preferred option in mid-December 2017 and will consult its own community on that preferred option in early 2018.